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This picture says it all #GazaUnderAttack #PrayForGaza


I see no real narrative on here or in the media discussing the plight of the Palestinians. The media only show the Israeli side which is more often than not a blatant lie. These images illustrate the reality for the people of Palestine in the face of Israel aggression. This is no war. This is genocide.

The script above is from a US press conference where a journalist asks a White House official if Gazans are allowed to defend themselves. The answer given is an indication as to just how biased this conflict really is. The question is simply tossed aside and avoided.

The Gaza strip is being bombarded from Land, Sea and air right now by Israeli occupation forces. So far 90 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured. Not a single Israeli has been injured. This is no war. This is genocide.

(via riseofthemeethaychawal)